Friday, March 5, 2010

The Direction of Love

Hollywood would have us believe that love is spontaneous combustion
between two people.
That it flows like two rivers back and forth.
But in real life, sometimes it only flows one direction.
And that's OK.

Hollywood may be right in movies,
and may be right sometimes in real life.
But love can also flow out in an endless river
from one person to another
and not be returned.

And who says that has to be such a bad thing?
Who says the experience of loving another with all your heart
is only complete and worthy
if that someone loves you back?

Sure, that would be nice.
To be loved back.

But what a gift it is to be able to open your heart
to another and love them
with everything you've got.

That's a gift no one can take from you.
And I love with all my heart.
And that's a gift to me.

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