Thursday, March 19, 2009

Strange Beauty

I got out of bed this morning to find the shadow of a fly perched on my window cast against my curtains. I was struck by the thought that under other circumstances I find flies to be unsanitary and annoying creatures. I think of them as buzzing about, crawling on carion or waste and always managing to land on my food at a picnic or bite what ever skin I have left exposed.

Yet with this new perspective of shadow and morning light cast on a white fabric filter I found the fly to be quite beautiful, peaceful, and even inspiring. It's amazing what shifts can happen simply through a change in perspective.


  1. Whenever I make an observation like this, I wonder why I'm not more aware all the time. Nice post.

  2. Lovely photo, lovely thoughts, and a lovely blog! Thanks!

  3. I love the photo with your post. Takes me right to the moment. Thanks.