Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Let There Always be Dancing, Dreaming, Blissfullness

Today seems an auspicious day to start my first blog. This morning I woke up feeling inspired, hopeful and full of energy. Last night America spoke. We proved that the system does work, the people do have a voice, and if we speak up we will be heard. An election can be won in the pursuit of freedom, hope, love, liberty, and harmony rather than the projection of fear and negativity. A leader - the best of leaders - can and should rise to the top by empowering the people.

After watching McCain's concession and Obama's acceptance speech last night my friends and I headed out from the bar where we had sat watching the big screen. As we walked back to the car we heard shouts and applauds coming from all around us in downtown Boulder, CO. Joyfulness permeated the air inspiring us. Instead of heading to the car we decided to walk around listening and breathing it in.

A small group was gathered at the intersection of Pearl St. (a pedestrian walkway) and Broadway, one of the main thoroughfares. A line of people stood along either side of Broadway holding up Obama signs, clapping and cheering as cars drove past. Cars horns honked in response and some passengers reached their hands out open windows to greet and share high fives with people on the street.

Each time the crosswalk sign switched to "walk" our small crowd ran out into the intersection cheering, dancing, doing cartwheels, sharing hugs and high fives. And each time the signs switched back to "don't walk" we moved back to curb to allow traffic to pass. The energy was contagious and our group grew from a few dozen to a couple hundred people in no time. Pretty soon cars stopped in the intersection to join the party. A large conversion van with a kayak on top stopped in the crosswalk and a passenger got out to stand on top of the cargo rack and wave an Obama sign. Soon after, at least a dozen people were standing on top of the van cheering as the driver sat parked honking his horn in an excited rhythm.

When our group of street revelers grew large enough to attract the attention of local police I feared the party was over. But when they observed the completely jubilant and peaceful crowd the police only directed the traffic to pass through then blocked off the street so we could take over the crosswalk in an ongoing celebration erupting with shouts of "USA" and "Yes we can." Drums appeared from somewhere and the dancing and jumping came into a steady rhythm of organized blissfulness. The energy was of pure contentment and achievement. I feel so grateful to have been a part of it.

This shared sense of community and togetherness embodies what I hope the next four years will come to reflect - a sense of possibility and positivity shared by the masses.

I want to thank my fellow Boulderites and my fellow Americans for sharing their wonderful energy last night! Today I am more proud to be an American than ever before. May we always remember our own abilities. Yes We Can!


  1. Last night was amazing, wasn't it? You did a stellar job of describing the scene. It was once-in-a-lifetime. I still can't believe it!


  2. Thank you for giving voice to your joy and the deepest value of your true self--an abiding unity with all life. May this moment, so vividly recognized, celebrated and recorded, truly live on and on as you desire, growing exponentially in the vastness of your own consciousness and physiology to become an on-going unshakable reality. Unity is the fundamental nature of life. Diversity celebrated on this ground of unity truly is the dance of Bliss rising up in waves of blissfulness.

  3. Your words are beautiful and true! Thank you for sharing your story. Love, Kim